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1 Apr. 2024 - 18 Jun. 2024

B.A.L.M.™ - Group Learning

  • 79Days
  • 2Steps


B.A.L.M in community. B.A.L.M™ is a transformative program dedicated to guiding participants on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, helping them reconnect with their TRUE selves in moments of emotional detachment and confusion. Rooted in compassion and understanding, B.A.L.M™ provides a nurturing space for individuals to navigate the complexities of imposter syndrome, reclaim their authenticity, and embrace a life aligned with their deepest values and desires. Key Features: Discovering the True Self: B.A.L.M™ facilitates a profound exploration into the essence of the self, guiding participants to uncover their authentic identity buried beneath layers of doubt and uncertainty. Embracing the Full Self: Recognizing that imposter syndrome often stems from disowned aspects of the self, B.A.L.M™ teaches participants how to embrace and care for their imposter self and other painful parts of their personality. By cultivating self-compassion and acceptance, individuals learn to integrate these aspects into their identity, fostering wholeness and authenticity. Spiritual Reconnection: For those feeling spiritually adrift, B.A.L.M™ offers guidance and support in reconnecting with their faith and spirituality. Participants embark on a journey of rediscovering spiritual safety with the divine. Trusting Intuition: B.A.L.M™ empowers individuals to learn and trust their inner wisdom and intuition as they navigate life's uncertainties and challenges. Aligning with Values and Desires: Central to the B.A.L.M™ philosophy is the importance of living in alignment with one's values. Participants are guided through a process of self-exploration and goal-setting, helping them identify their core values and aspirations. With newfound clarity, individuals are empowered to take intentional action that honors their authentic selves and fulfills their deepest longings.

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USD 3 600,00


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