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The End of Overthinking

Do you even toil over a decision, going back and forth in your mind, hearing these two words proceed every possibility – “What if?”

I have had deep periods of overthinking in my life which caused anxiety that developed into depression. The weight of our thoughts and our stagnation from the inability to decide is so so heavy.

When I decided (semi-forced myself) into surrendering to God, my ability to make decisions improved. This is not an article about surrender (not really). This is about reducing our decisions or categorizing them so that deciding hopefully becomes easier.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the scripture Matthew 22:40. It reads:

The whole Law and the writings of the prophets depend of these two commands.” This is referring to the premier commands Jesus gave in Matthew 22: 37 & 39 – 37Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and 39 Love your neighbor as yourself. One could easily match up one of the two premier commands against the original ten. Perhaps we could do the same in our everyday decisions.

Think of any decisions you make that cause you extreme stress on a regular basis. Those tend to be relational or personal decisions. Try to match them with Love the Lord, Love your neighbor, and I’ll add Love yourself.

See if setting this criteria in your decision making process helps you decide quickly.

The word decide means to cut off, so what you’re really doing is eliminating or cutting off an option, a What If in your process.

Do it with deep breaths in play. I’m hopeful this is a game changer for you. It is becoming one for me.

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