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The DAWN is a holistic center for self-identity, spirituality, and restoration.
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We care for the emotional & spiritual health of women executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else struggling with feeling like an imposter.

If you are struggling with self-doubt, spiritual confusion, and an unfullfilled life, you've landed in the right place. At The DAWN, we offer programs and services to help you uncover your T.R.U.E. Self and overcome obstacles such as imposter syndrome, anxiety, and depression. From therapy intensive sessions to mini learning retreats, we offer tailored support to meet your unique needs. 

  • Say goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and Hello to the True you! 

  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to restfulness

  • Say goodbye to questioning God and hello to knowing God

  • Process your emotional trauma

  • Choose healthy relationships 

  • Cultivate bravery to do hard things

Shadowy Leaves

Got Imposter Syndrome?

In 10 Minutes, I'll Teach You How to Start Dismantling Your Imposter Self Today.

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What's Available for Your Support 




B.A.L.M., The DAWN's signature course, takes participants through five modules of building emotional clarity, spiritual safety, and grounded action. 


Hi, I'm Ashley!

As a therapist, emotional wellness teacher, and imposter syndrome survivor, I am passionate about seeing women win -- not just achieving external success, but living a fulfilled life, confident in who they are, healed from past trauma, clear on what they are building, and contributing to the world in ways that allows others to heal, too. 


Here you will find the path to generating love for yourself, to rediscover God and to forge a path forward. In essence, here you create your DAWN, your new beginning.  I will partner with you on a personal level as we guide you through your stress, trauma, struggles, and anxiety.  If you are ready to begin your self knowledge, self discovery and healing journey, take your first step.  Book your free consultation to discover how i can support you. 

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