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Anxiety, Depression, And Trauma Care For Women In Texas.

DAWN: (n)  the first light of day prior to a sunrise.

      (v)  to become evident or understood

Our individual light can be dimmed when darkness invades our worlds. Darkness comes in the form of internal, social, relational, spiritual and other challenges. The DAWN Counseling Services, based in Houston, TX, seeks to help clients restore order and light, much like recognizing the first light of day after a long night. Wherever light has evaded you in life, I stand ready to help you discover your light again.

This is where you begin to get your power, peace, and clarity back.

Here you will find love for yourself and take the necessary steps up to the dawn that you have been waiting for.  I will partner with you on a personal level as we guide you through your stress, trauma, struggles, and anxiety.  If you are ready to begin your journey with a therapists that gets YOU, now is your time to take your first step.  Book your free consultation to discover how I can serve you.

Light for your path, hope for your heart, and solutions for your problems are only a few appointments away.


Ashley W. Cummings

Chief Clinical Counselor

Ashley is an experienced helper, passionate about working with women from various walks of life and circumstances.  She is also certified as a Biblical Counselor, and incorporates spirituality with her counseling methods upon request.

Image by Jordan Steranka

Available Methods We Use Through The Healing & Transformation Process.


We can harness the healing power of the breath through ancient breathing practices to release emotional baggage and make space for clarity, calm and connection.


If you choose to take a Christ-centered approach to healing, our partnership will include prayer and scriptural application.  Christian counseling is available.


We have the ability to transform our experience of our lives through the practice of mindfulness — bringing a non-judgmental awareness to the present moment.

Yoga & Fitness

Trauma and stress has an undeniable effect on the body.  We can help you alleviate that stress, while also advancing your healing process and transformation, holistically.

Uplift your mood.

Enlighten your thinking. Renew your life. 

Areas Of Expertise

The DAWN Counseling Services provides counseling to women within Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  We also counsel clients throughout Texas, virtually.  Our expertise is in the following areas:

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  • Anxiety

  • Christian Based Spiritual Guidance

  • Codependency/Self-Empowerment

  • Life & Career Transitions

  • Fertility

  • Consciousness Work

  • Depression

  • Group Coaching

  • Meditation / Mindfulness

Meditating Outdoors
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