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REST: Richly Expanding your Self-Care Tank

This morning in my quick workout, I hurried to get done and on to the next great task of my day. I was tempted, so so tempted to skip the rest periods in my workout and just power through. Then it DAWNed on me – rest is mandatory! I tend to lift heavy – I want to ensure I am able to carry my 44 lb child if necessary and to feel strong. But if I neglect to rest between sets, I risk injury. Rest gives my body the ability to rebuild. Rest gives me time to consider how good my form is in my workout. Rest is saving grace.

And so it is with our need for emotional rest. Choosing rest, even for short periods, gives us powerful and purposeful pauses where we can recharge and replenish our energy reserves.

 Today's Self-Love tip is TAKE A BREAK.

Last week, I offered breathwork sessions to teachers during a professional development day. At least two beautiful souls mentioned that finding time to rest is difficult and that they are so prone to put themselves on the backburner of life. This trend is a heartbreaking commonality women share. In today's fast-paced world, where productivity often takes precedence over personal well-being, the concept of rest can sometimes feel like a luxury we cannot afford. As leaders, as nurturers, as world changers, we need rest periods. Rest periods aren’t luxury, they are mandatory. Without periods of time to rest and reconnect with ourselves, we risk becoming emotionally depleted, leading to burnout, stress, and strained relationships.

We cannot afford to forego rest.


But when we do skip the need for rest, these are some of the risks we encounter:

·      We are moving, but not necessarily productive. We lose our connection to purpose.

·      We feel emotionally exhausted and empty.

·      We lose connection to our own needs, our own bodies and our own passions.

·      We lose connection with people and perhaps become resentful, irritated and detached.



It is in moments of rest that we find the key to maintaining our emotional resilience. Rest is not merely physical. Rest periods should bring about emotional and mental restoration.


Here’s the how.

Athletic woman sitting down in gym resting between sets.
Athletic woman sitting down in gym resting between sets.

Let’s liken these steps to a physical workout.

1.     Put down the weight -- Step away from your activities for a few seconds. You don’t have to isolate on a deserted island for rest. Start with 90 seconds where you are not obligating yourself to anything or anyone but you.

2.     Breathe – in your 90 seconds, breathe and send yourself love for the good work you are doing. You are a vital piece of wherever you serve.

3.     Consider your form – what are you doing today that is working well? What are you doing today that does not feel fruitful? What would you like to shift?

4.     Go in for more -- Darn, 90 seconds goes fast, but you are armed with a sense of renewal to go back to your tasks.

5.     Rest and repeat.

6.     Stop when it’s time to stop – Set boundaries. Take note of when your system says to set a boundary. You’ll notice that you are physically and emotionally worn out, that you’re working but not effectively completing anything. Give yourself permission to resume when you are able.


By prioritizing rest in our lives, we not only safeguard our emotional health, but also cultivate the capacity to show up fully for ourselves and others. When we are well-rested and rejuvenated, we possess the clarity, empathy, and resilience needed to continually know and honor ourselves, nurture meaningful relationships, and contribute positively to the well-being of those around us. When we take time to rest, we find and reclaim joy!

Taking time to rest isn't risky; it's necessary. Rest isn't a reward you earn for working hard. Rest is relevant to your renewal, to restoring your power source.

Think of REST as an acronym (I love acronyms!) R.E.S.T. is

R. Richly

E. Expanding your

S. Self-care

T. Tank

I encourage you to embrace the power of rest as a foundation of your daily lives. It’s the quickest solution to the daily grind. Beyond this, rest periods have transformative power to increase emotional renewal, strengthen brain connections, and enrich our human experience. After all, it is in moments of rest that we find the strength to truly live and love wholeheartedly.

You have just been love balmed. ❤️ Love yourself through rest breaks today. Enjoy the space to breathe and just be! You are worth it.

smiling with eyes closed, feeling rested and joyfilled
Black women lying down and smiling with eyes closed, feeling rested and joyfilled


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