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Get Help Virtually

Also known as Distance Therapy, Online Therapy, Telehealth, Tele-mental health, Telemedicine or Remote Therapy.

Telehealth, or Telemental health, sessions are available for existing clients. It is recommended that new clients have a face to face session first to receive a comprehensive assessment.    From anywhere in the state of Texas, you can access counseling services from The DAWN.



Telehealth services may be covered by your insurance. If not, you may apply private pay rates for your sessions. Please see Insurance and Payments page for fee schedule.


Telehealth defined...

Telemental health, a use of telemedicine to provide mental health assessment and treatment at a distance, enters its sixth decade as a well-known practice in the medical field—it has increased access to care, and patients and providers are very satisfied with it for a wide variety of services.

-National Institute of Health

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