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Fabric, Fragility and a Failure to Love

Key Terms

Fragility: the state of being easily broken

Love: the sentiment and act of being caring, concerned, helpful and devoted without control; doing no harm

Failure to love: acting in harmful ways with our behavior and words

This past week I have been working on a Christmas project for my partner that required cutting fabric. I noticed that when I cut in a certain spot, the fabric would tend to stretch and tear in other places.

--It DAWNed on me - this happens in our relationships. Cutting is our failure to love. We injure each other, but there's not just the immediate wound. Other areas in our life are injured and broken as well.

What I notice in therapy with clients is that wounds linger. Being yelled at or criticized in one moment can follow someone a lifetime. They respond to being yelled at by anyone with fear or anger or feeling small.

Is that our intention in a moment of anger, exhaustion or distress?

No. But the behavior is still harmful. It is still a failure to love.

What's the lesson?

Be careful with each person's fabric. If your temple is tight and your spirit is inclined to be harmful, notice that.

Step back.

Take a breath. Relax your body.

See the person in front of you fully.

Be mindful not to cut them.

Instead meet them with care in your words and actions.

We are made to be loved. You are made to love. Be in tuned with yourself so you can access your loving energy at all times.

Do you recognize your barriers to acting in love? Need help with breaking those barriers?

Connect with me.

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