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Weathering the Storms of Life

Houstonians, are y'all alright?

The Storm that Shook Houston

On May 16, 2024, Houston was ravaged by one of the most severe superstorms (or tornado?) in its recent history. The calamity left millions without electricity in their homes - a very real threat in Houston's brutal heat. The storm came quickly and brought us unforeseen destruction, loss, and uncertainty. My own neighborhood looked like a war zone in the aftermath. One of Houston's most trusted weather trackers, Space City Weather, has defended itself, noting that essentially sometimes monster storms happen and their severity cannot be fully predicted in advance. Such is life, unfortunately. What I noticed as I canvassed my neighborhood after the storm to check on neighbors and take inventory of our damage was the resilience shown by those around us.

People are RESILIENT.

How though? Why get up and keep moving when you've just faced something catastrophic and painful and unexpected? I believe it is because people hold inner strength that keeps them going. They regroup after they take hits. We all have this inner strength. Some of us cannot readily access it. But know it's there. And if this is true - that you have inner strength lying beneath the surface of your heart, it's important to figure out why it's dormant.How do you find it? You rise above your anxiousness and self-doubt. You have to come home to yourself.

Finding Emotional Shelter

Life will be riddled with circumstances that rock us. This is not escapable. What holds us steady is creating emotional safety for ourselves and staying connected to our TRUE identity. Emotional safety is the essence of nurturing yourself well, especially in hard times and being brave enough to examine yourself. TRUE Identity is coming home to who God created you to be. And this is where your resilience lies - in your truest self. It's not the presence of calm circumstances that hold you together, it's your identity. True Identity is your shelter.

How Do I Create Emotional Safety?

The one answer I have for you is learn how to engage in real self love - beyond manicures and bubble baths.

B.A.L.M., the DAWN's signature program, teaches participants how to build an inner sanctuary. In times of turmoil, applying your own B.A.L.M. maintains hope and creates resilience. Self-understanding, self-compassion, and faith are non-negotiable foundations to finding and operating in your true self daily. When you have these components, you enter into a nurturing relationship with yourself that equips you with the emotional resilience needed to face challenges with grace and strength.

Your Own Love BALM

What is your current life storm? Do you feel resilient?

How often do you hold emotionally safe space for yourself?

Do you believe you operate from a place of TRUE Identity?

To start your journey towards creating emotional safety and ultimately operating in your True Identity, take a moment to reflect on you really are. When do you feel most like yourself? Confident, bold, proud? If you struggle to find this version of you, consider joining B.A.L.M. In an effort to gain more insight on how to make this program most helpful, I am offering it as a pilot program at a reduced cost and covering the first three modules - Identity, Compassion and God. Click here for more info. The pilot begins June 10. I look forward to walking with you in uncovering your truest identity and seeing you withstand any storm.

Blessings to you,

~Ashley C

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